Morse Code Practice

Welcome to the morse practice page. This page is designed to help you learn and practice Morse Code. There are also other pages which cover the morse code itself and a few hints on how to approach learning the code

This page will generate morse code at various speeds and with lots of different types of content – everything from individual letters up to a full ‘QSO’ (a randomly generated morse code conversation between two stations). The server creates .mp3 audio files which you can listen to directly on the page via a flash mp3 player, or download directly to listen to offline. There are also .au files as an alternative format. [Past discussion on the sound files]

iPhone App

Link to the HamMorse app in the Apple App Store You can now practice morse code on your iPhone and iPod Touch with the new HamMorse iPhone app, available now in the Apple App Store.More….


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Choose your desired code speed

group of code

sent at


using character speed of

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Level 1, Option 1 – Using the Koch method to learn the characters Select Characters to include:

Start with K & M then add R when you can copy K and M correctly 90% of the time, as you learn each new character (copy >90%) add the character below it on the list until you know them all!

Level 1, Option 2 – Learn the characters by character group letters (a-z)

    Letter groups (You can select multiple groups)

numbers (0-9)

Amateur Callsigns (Letters and Numbers)

Level 2 – Punctuation

punctuation (, . / ? AR BT SK KN)

    Punctuation groups (You can select multiple groups)

Level 3 – Letters, numbers
and punctuation

All of the above

Level 4 -
Live RSS News Feeds

Copy RSS Headlines from:

(may be slower due to live network

Level 5 – Practice

Level 6 – Practice FCC

QSO with questions