Exams by Email

This page allows you to send an Amateur Radio Examination to a specific Email address. This might be used to send exams to someone without good access to the web, or for use at a later time when you are away from a computer. These are great for practice on the road or for use as handouts at a ham radio licensing class.

The answers are listed at the end of the exam – you will have to trust yourself not to look at them before you have finished! The figures that are normally present in the generated exams are not sent but a note will indicate which figures should be referred to. Copies of these figures are available on-line on the Resources page

Please note that we keep track of the use of this script to make sure people dont get spammed, thanks for your consideration.

Exam by Email
Recipient’s email address
Exam to generate:
Technician (pool valid from 7/1/2014)
General (pool valid from 7/1/2015)
Extra 2016 (pool valid from 7/1/2016)
No figures in exam