HamMorse Frequently Asked Questions

As questions and answers crop up I will put them on this page so they are all in one spot.


Answers to the Frequently Asked Questions

Beta testing upcoming versions of HamMorse – if you would like to beta test an upcoming version of Ham Morse this is very easy to set up. I am using TestFlightApp.com to manage this process and this greatly improves my ability to manage and distribute the latest version. You can find out more about this process and register to beta test Ham Morse by following this link: http://bit.ly/m66o8g
(version 1.3) If the app doesnt start up – The problem is due to the preferences stored on the phone or iPod from the old version clashing with the new app. The app tries to load the old preferences on startup but can’t find what it needs and crashes at start up. I thought I had this nailed down but clearly not in all cases. I am working on a fix and will be submitting this to the App Store as soon as possible, however, there is a relatively easy way to solve the problem until the update is available:
  1. Download the new version of Ham Morse to your desktop iTunes (or if you have already downloaded v1.3 to your device, sync this new version over to iTunes on your desktop machine)
  2. Delete the old version (and the offending preferences file) from your phone or iPod by holding your finger down until the icon ‘wiggles’ and then clicking the x, confirm that you want to delete the app and its data.
  3. Once the old version is gone from the phone/iPod Touch reinstall the new version by resyncing the device with iTunes.

The app should load and run correctly from this point on.

(version 1.3) If the app loads but the morse text flies by in an instant and no audio is heard - There has been a couple of reports that once the app is up and running all the text appears in an instant and no morse code is heard. This is also related to the preferences, the app didnt read the WPM setting in correctly and is generating morse at a really high WPM (100k+ WPM). The fix for this is to change the morse code speed slider on the front of the app to something sensible for your needs, close the app (this saves this new speed setting to the preferences) and then reopen the app and everything should work from then on.