Commercial Exam Practice

Current – 2010 Question pools

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  • Element 1 – Basic radio law and operating practice
  • Element 3 – Electronic fundamentals and techniques required to adjust, repair and maintain radio transmitters and receivers
  • Element 8 – Ship radar techniques
  • Element 9 – GMDSS Radio Maintenance Practices and Procedures

Which exam do I practice?

Currently four exams are presented, Elements 1, 3, 8 and 9 as I believe these will be the most useful to the majority of the site’s users. These are the required elements for the following licences (See FCC for more details:

  • Maritime Radio Operators Licence (Element 1 only)
  • General Radio Operators Licence (Elements 1 and 3).
  • Ship Radar Endorsement (Element 8).
  • GMDSS Radio Maintainer (Elements 1,3 and 9).

There are another three exams in use in the FCC Commercial examination system (Elements 5,6 and 7). The majority of these exams are multiple choice written examinations, though there are also a number of Morse Code components (Element 2). At the current time (February 2013) the FCC is in the process of restructuring their commercial license structure (See FCC Part 13 Report and Order Concerning Commercial Radio Operators) and once that is complete I will update the page appropriately. Please contact me if you have a specific need for one of the elements I haven’t included yet.

For more information on the FCC Commercial exams, check out the W5YI Commercial Radio Examination pages. These contain useful FAQs and examination requirements, where to take the real exams, etc. You might also try the FCC Commercial Radio exam pages.

This site is intended to provide practice for the US Commercial Radio Examinations required to obtain a US Commercial Radio Licence. The exams generated are for PRACTICE ONLY, in order to receive an official licence you will have to pass the exams at an official examination session.