A slight mishap occured when running the exam script

Wrong question pool opened: instead of extra2008.

If the error mentions "Cant open xxxxx.stat, file does not exist" this means that you were trying to use the Selected question option but you have not yet saved at least one set of results from a randomly generated exam. To be able to select questions the script has to have at least one set of results already saved. To avoid this error, take a normal randomly generate exam and save the results to your user file by entering your username and password in the fields at the end of the exam script. Once these have been saved, you should then be able to use the selected option without any problems.

If you are getting a different error, this may be the result of a bug in the code, or alternatively, you may have entered an invalid username or password. Please check that you have entered such things correctly, and if the error still persists, please let the Administrator know (exams@aa9pw.com) and if you could relay the following information it will help enormously:

File: exam2003.cgi
Error: Wrong question pool opened: instead of extra2008.
Time: Sat Jan 20 09:23:13 CST 2018