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Dec 10 2015

Site relocated, let me know if there are problems

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The site was relocated to a different server today (December 10th). Just about everything should be working according to plan but its entirely possible that a few things got missed, for example, the charts at the end of the graded exams are not currently working.

I’m addressing the various bugs as I come across them but if you find anything else that is not working as expected please put a note in the comments field below and I’ll take care of it.

Many thanks!

Simon, AA9PW.

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Jul 18 2014

Updated Technician Pool for 2014

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I have added in the new Technician question pool that is valid from July 2014 – June 30th 2018. My apologies for not getting this online earlier! There are 35 questions in the exam as before, there are only three required figures in this edition of the exam, T1-T3 which are the same as they were in the previous pool. They have removed figures T4-T7 from this version of the exam, these were the block diagrams of transceiver components.

Please let me know if everything works OK, its possible that a few typos or formatting errors may have crept in when I converted it from the original file from the ARRL NCVEC site.

Simon, AA9PW

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Sep 10 2010

Updating Commercial Exam Pools

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I’ve just started the process of updating the commercial exam pools. This is long overdue but hopefully shouldn’t take me too long to complete once things going. I have a test version of Element 1 available, you can find a link to this at the bottom of the Commercial Exam page.
Current pools are now available for the Elements 1,3,8 and 9, the old outdated pools have been removed.

I’m playing around with the layout and styles to make it more readable – its still a bit rough at the moment. Give it a try, let me know what you think. If there are any bugs, please let me know and I’ll work on fixing them over the next few days, along with adding in some of the other question pools.


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Aug 24 2010

HAM radio to Digital Project – Pakistan Flood Relief

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Jeannie Stamberger and the folks at Crisis Commons are looking for volunteers to help them connect Ham Radio to the other disaster services being deployed in support of the floods in Pakistan. The goal is to create tools and processes to help integrate information transmitted via radio with some of the available online crisis integration platforms which already pull in data sources like Twitter, Facebook, etc.

More info below, to volunteer see:

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Oct 07 2008

Extra exam question glitches fixed

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Thanks to everyone who emailed me about a few of the questions in the extra exam which were a little messed up (‘conjoined questions’ – the answers of one question tagged on to the end of the answers from the previous question in the pool). Questions E9A12, E5A17 and E7H06 were affected. I have fixed these now so the answers for these questions are as they should be and the missing questions are back in the practice exam.

Please let me know if there are any other problems.

Cheers, Simon. AA9PW

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May 21 2008

Morse Code file format changed

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I have changed the file formats for the morse code audio files and also changed how the files are served on the web page. For many years the files were being created as sun format .au sound files, these are easy for me to create programmatically but can be rather large files, especially for QSOs at the slower speeds. Since I moved hosting companies this has caused me to run through my allocated bandwidth in about 5 days! I’m upgrading the bandwidth but at the same time my hosting company very helpfully installed some software packages to enable me to ditch the .au files in favor of the more modern mp3 format.

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May 15 2008

New Extra class ham radio license question pool online at

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The question pool for the amateur (ham) radio Extra class license exams is set to change over at the end of June 2008. The new question pool that will be used for exams taken from July 1st 2008 onwards is now available for practice at You can practice either a complete exam or work on the material a section at a time and all figures are provided. If you are interested, you can download the complete question pool in MS Word or PDF format from the NVEC site.

Simon, AA9PW

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May 08 2008

Finally a new look!

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They said it would never happen but I have finally got around to updating the site to bring it kicking and screaming into the 21st Century. Granted, some of the HTML from 1996 is still here at the moment but over time that too will fade away. I am using WordPress to manage the web pages, the exam and morse code generation is still done by the old perl scripts. Eventually I’ll upgrade these too but for now its going to be nice just to have the site looking more respectable.

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