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Jun 25 2015

New General Pool online

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I have the latest general pool available for practice – this is for exams that will be taken on or after July 1st 2015. You can find more information on the pool and download a copy (PDF or Word format) from the NCVEC site.

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Jan 17 2015

Commercial Exams back on line

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The commercial exams are now back on line after the issues the site had been having when it was moved to a new server over the holiday period. Hopefully everything should be back to normal at this point. There may be another server switch in the not too distant future but this one will be planned and there should be little or no disruption at that point.

Thanks for your patience!

Simon, AA9PW

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Dec 19 2014

Amateur Radio Practice tests back online

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My ISP had to move the site to a different server and while this is still a work in progress I have the Ham radio practice exams back online. The commercial exam page is still not working and I will be looking at this today, the Morse Code page should be working correctly. There may be some more disruptions over the holiday period as we move a few more things around but hopefully not too many, email for is also currently not working correctly so my apologies if Im not getting back to you!

Sorry for any inconvenience!

Simon, AA9PW.

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