Progress on the new version

Below are some screenshots of what I’m currently working on. The current focus is enabling you to have more ability to work through the question pool in manageable chunks, rather than simply taking practice tests covering the whole question pool

Customize the areas of the question pool you are working on.

The site will keep track of your progress through the question pool and allow you to customize your tests to prioritize which questions you see, for example:

  • questions you haven’t seen yet – to ensure you see the whole pool
  • questions you are scoring poorly on – to provide extra practice in these areas
  • etc.

The other benefit of rewriting the code is that I can make it far more mobile-friendly.

The new design will support mobile devices far more effectively.

The question display follows the existing approach of showing the questions one after another, as you will see on the real exams. Figures are shown in line with the questions when appropriate.

Questions shown all on one page as you will find in the actual exam

One the test is graded you first see your overall results, showing which subelements were included and how you did on each section. You can then scroll further down to see question-by-question results, particularly useful for the questions you got wrong.

Summary results for a practice test

The site shows your incorrect answer as well as highlighting the correct answer. It also keeps track of your answer history for each question so you’ll be able to see where you might be getting mixed up between answers. I’ll be improving this particular display to show a bar chart of your historical answer selection, rather than the basic numbers shown here.

Question-by-question results including your answer history

In due course I’d like to add in explanatory text for the answers so you can understand why a particular answer is correct. I have a lot of historical data from the current site that will allow me to start with the topics people generally get wrong the most and then I can work through the question pool from there.

That’s where things are at the moment – all comments and questions welcome!

Simon, AA9PW.

4 thoughts on “Progress on the new version

  1. Scott McElroy

    When will the enhancements for Custom Technician Test be ready?
    I am studying for exam now, started last night and thought that they should have ‘quizzes’ for each chapter instead of relying on taking a whole test that I’ve not studied for. This is brilliant, and I would like to use it if possible.

  2. Barry

    I have had my Full amateur radio call in Australia for 43 years, I like to do practice exams to make sure I am still “up to scratch”, kind of like a hobby. But I found the USA extra class license in practice exams I was only getting 72-73 %, so I started studying, for my own benefit, and learnt a lot, especially the new digital & satellite techniques. Now I am getting in the 80-90% range, maybe 1 day I’ll actually do the test if I come to the USA, but, been great, I suppose that some people like to do x-word puzzles,

  3. James Mccarthy

    I just want to thank you Very much for this site. I have my technician class and working on my General using your site. I have recommended it to anyone who is interested in learning and getting licence.


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