Morse Code Practice working again

After a bit of messing around the Morse Code practice is pretty much up and running again. I am still working on the Newsfeeds so that section is not yet operational but I hope to get that ironed out shortly.

In the meantime, let me know if things aren’t behaving correctly and I’ll keep working on the Newsfeeds and post updates on here as things progress.

18 thoughts on “Morse Code Practice working again

    1. Bill Timme N9NNN

      Bill Timme N9NNN
      Dec 27 2:12 pm
      Thanks for getting the code practice up and running again. I got down to AZ. a week ago, for the winter, and been checking on the system, and found it working today. I am plugging along trying to get my code speed up.
      Thanks Billl N9NNN

  1. Chuck Kuhn

    Thanks for a chance to hear some CW again. I’ve been off the air for several years, so your site is a great help for brushing up a little. Your site is easy to use and well done.


  2. John Dreggors

    Thanks for what you are doing. I’m anxiously awaiting the newsfeeds. I enjoy the news and this makes me work for it.

    1. aa9pw Post author

      Hi Brad -Many congratulations on passing your Extra exam, nice job! Have a great time on the air!


      Simon, AA9PW/

  3. Tom, KC2ZEX

    I’ve used your generator a couple years ago and I am using it again now, to get my ear back in shape.

    I love the call sign practice. I’ve noticed however, that the letter Z is conspicuously missing from ALL call signs. I’ve done a bit over 1000 calls the last few days and there has not been one Z in the lot.

    1. aa9pw Post author

      Hi Tom,

      Good catch! I found the problem, the random number generator was essentially creating numbers from 1-25, never generating a 26 and so never showing a ‘Z’. I’ve updated the code and now it looks like its behaving as expected.

      Thanks! Simon, AA9PW

  4. Bill K6LZX

    Just saying thanks!

    Back in the 1970’s I was a guest at one of the old commercial CW stations near Moss Landing, and those guys could copy several stations @ perhaps 35 wpm simultaneously while making coffee and chatting with me! They were amazing.

    I’ll be happy to get back up to 13 like I did as a kid in 1964 – and your site is a great help. Code practice is, I think, a good way to prevent brain-ageing too.

    73 OM,

  5. Warren

    Thanks for running this sit. It’s a great way to get back to cw after years away. And yes, it prevents brain aging!!

  6. Roger Ashcraft KE5CCJ

    Morse code practice is not working AGAIN! Very frustrating. Was out for over three weeks in late Feb., started working again last Monday, then not working again since Friday March 20. This has been my go to sight for CW practice and is the easiest one to use. Please get this repaired.

    March 22, 2021

    1. AA9PW Post author

      Hi Roger, the morse generator should be back up again now – give it a go and let me know if there are any issues. Simon, AA9PW

  7. William Dyer

    Hey Simon,

    I tried to practice some code, however when I hit the button for it to generate code, it doesn’t and sends me to the “This is somewhat embarrassing, isn’t it?” page.

    I’m working from my Linux machine right now. Will try it from my iMac to see if I get a different response.


    Bill VE1WPS

  8. Robert

    April 2 2021. Hello! I started getting an error msg when “generating” the selected morse code sequences, on my cell phone app and laptop. I’ve tried different settings and code configurations and speeds… Robert W6FGH

    1. AA9PW Post author

      Hi Robert, the morse generator should be back up again now – give it a go and let me know if there are any issues. Simon, AA9PW


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