Jul 23 2013

Morse Code News for July 23, 2013

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Headlines for July 23, 2013 in morse code:

Click to listen to the headlines:

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Headline text

headlines from nyt science=juneau journal alaska looks for answers in glacier’s summer flood surges=well nightmares after the i.c.u.=first new world fort was spain’s=searching for meaningful markers of aging=loss of bees can affect plants’ ability to reproduce study finds=observatory tracking a spinning ball with math=well the kitchen as a pollution hazard=a conversation with jan vilcek defecting to great scientific success=letters flying into the wind (1 letter)=the week a bignosed dinosaur and ancient timekeeping=faster than the speed of light=q&a how does a plant with red leaves support itself without green chlorophyll=observatory some dinosaurs grew new sets of teeth rapidly=pakistan battles polio and its people’s mistrust=allergies in the time of research=technophoria dissent over a device to help find melanoma=company news judge rules against bp attempt to suspend payments=gray matter let’s shake up the social sciences=hong kong seizes smuggled elephant tusks=overweight maybe you really can blame your genes=changing view on viruses not so small after all=dot earth blog a u.s. battery recycler says we should keep the lead in=racial disparities in life spans narrow but persist=watchdogs seek doping clues from a distance=mers virus not global emergency health officials say=

Read the full articles at: NY Times Science

Download the audio:

Prosigns are represented as follows:

  • ‘AR’ (di-dah-di-dah-dit) is shown as ‘+’,

  • ‘AS’ (di-dah-di-di-dit) is shown as as
  • ‘BT’ (dah-di-di-di-dah) is shown as ‘=’
  • ‘SK’ (di-di-di-dah-di-dah) is shown as sk,

  • ‘KN’ (dah-di-dah-dah-dit) is shown as kn
  • ‘CL’ (dah-di-dah-di-di-dah-di-dit) is shown as cl,

  • ‘Error’ (di-di-di-di-di-di-di-dit) is shown as error

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