Jun 27 2011

New General question pool available (for July 2011 onwards)

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I have just put the upcoming General exam pool online, this should be used if you plan to take your General exam on or after July 1st 2011. If you are taking your exam before July 1st 2011, continue to use the existing General question pool.

There is more information about the new General question pool at the NCVEC website.

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  1. Simonon 03 Jul 2011 at 9:08 pm

    I updated the question pool to fix some glitches in the presentation of Questions G7A07 & G9A01. Thanks to Wayne for pointing those out. If there are any other oddities with the new questions, please let me know.


  2. Stan Joneson 18 Sep 2011 at 10:35 pm

    I am a former General (WA6ANV) with a lapsed license (20 yrs ago).

    After studying ARRL tech and General (Sixth Edition) I took tests in August. Result is passed Tech and failed General.

    An Extra Class VE at my august exam told me about AA9PW.com and I have been taking practice exams on your site. I also bought ARRL General manual (7th edition) which came with a CD that has an exam generator application which I have been studying. I cannot explain why but the “visual” format of your exams seems to more closely mimick the REAL test than does the ARRL. I am visually oriented and notice this subtle presentation difference.

    The ARRL CD helped me but your site was helpful before I received my 7th edition ARRL book. I also ordered the “Flash Cards” from ARRL and consider them (flash cards) extremely valuable to study from (using the book for explanations for what I missed). Haven’t used flash cards since college but quickly learned as I studied that they work and carried them around with me.

    Everyone likes a story with a happy ending so here is mine. Last saturday (9-17-11) I retested and passed with 33/35. Thank you for your part in my success story !!!

    I am a General again. 73s from KJ6QVK

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