Aug 24 2010

HAM radio to Digital Project – Pakistan Flood Relief

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Jeannie Stamberger and the folks at Crisis Commons are looking for volunteers to help them connect Ham Radio to the other disaster services being deployed in support of the floods in Pakistan. The goal is to create tools and processes to help integrate information transmitted via radio with some of the available online crisis integration platforms which already pull in data sources like Twitter, Facebook, etc.

More info below, to volunteer see:

[Posted on behalf of Jeannie Stamberger and the Crisis Commons]

HAM Radios can get information in and out when most other communication infrastructure is down. This project will develop technology to allow HAM radio generated information to be directly posted to Twitter, Facebook, or as an RSS feed to output information in a flexible data format (e.g., ‘Tweak the Tweet’ model) to provide digital machine-parsable information for direct input into information dissemination tools, such as Ushahidi and Sahana maps, Facebook posts and other tools under development.

Needs. Based on the information I am able to get, we need tools for (not in order):

* HAM Radio to Facebook
* HAM Radio to RSS
* HAM Radio to Twitter

Technical requirements are being gathered at Please get the word out to HAM and digital data stream folks to that area – we need a group effort to clarify technical needs.

Please get out the message that a working group will be set up for the CrisisCampSiliconValley – Pakistan Floods this Friday August 27, 5pm-10pm Carnegie Mellon, NASA Ames Research Center ( to develop a HAM Radio to digital system for use in Pakistan.

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