Jun 07 2009

Ham Morse updates

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The Ham Morse app has been available in the Apple App Store for about a week now and its been getting a lot of very positive reviews:

All in all, the best code software for the iPhone”

Great application to get ready for the main event [Field Day]“

Overall a great program to practice morse code on the go

Thank you to everyone who has purchased the app and put a review on the iTunes site. A few things have cropped up in terms of features, functionality, etc. and I thought I’d comment on some of these here.

  • 25wpm speed limitation – I have increased this to 50wpm and hope to send this update to the app store this week
  • User Interface – Tapping the knobs to turn them, rather than touch & drag to turn. I agree this is not as intuitive as one would like, I have every intention of changing this so you can touch a knob and drag it either way to turn it clockwise or anticlockwise. For the first iteration it was simpler to use a button to make the knobs turn but this isnt what I want for the long term, particularly now that the speed goes up to 50.
  • Ability to practice sending morse – Currently the app is just for practicing receiving code rather than giving you the ability to practice sending code by tapping on the screen. I do have a bunch of ideas along these lines but I needed to get the receive part done first.
  • Info/settings button – The (i) button is hard to hit at times and this is a known bug. I’m using a standard Apple button and I need to increase the active area for that button to solve this problem. Alternatively moving it away from the edge of the screen might help
  • Text size – I could add in an option to configure the font size, this makes a lot of sense. Making more room for the text on the screen might help too – perhaps an option to show/hide the controls or an alternative view when you rotate the iPhone to a landscape view?

I will be looking at the other issues raised as I make these changes. There was a suggestion to add more complex audio features (QRM, etc.) to make copying the code more realistic and this sounds like a great idea but I’ll need to do some reading on how to create those types of audio features on the iPhone.

Thanks again for the great support and I’ll keep working to improve the app so it meets everyone’s needs.

Simon, AA9PW.

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